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Plumbing Fixture Repair And Installations

Champion Toilet installations

Fixtures are the elements of your plumbing system that get the most use, so it makes sense that they would be the items that are most often repaired or replaced. That Champion toilet, Moen sink, or Kohler shower might look sturdy and long lasting when you install it, but it will require servicing at some point. That's where our Arvada plumbing company can help you. Our specialty is fixture repair and installation and we've been recommended by most of the major contractors in the area as the plumbing company to call for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project.

Let Us Take the Risk out of Fixture Selection

Selecting and installing fixtures is an art. When we're called upon to plan a remodeling project or design a bathroom or kitchen for an addition to someone's home, we need to plan carefully. Fixtures require pipes and gas lines to function. Those need to run through the walls or under the floors. How do we make sure that their positioning doesn't interfere with electrical conduits or heating vents? How do we make sure you get the maximum living space possible out of that space? It may seem simple on the surface but there are a lot of different factors to consider. 

Bathroom PlumbingOne of the most common requests we get today is for upgrades. With energy and water conservation on everyone's minds, the desire to upgrade fixtures, particularly sinks, tubs, and toilets, keeps us pretty busy. There are dual flush toilets from American Standard and Toto, showers with tank-less water heaters from Eemax and Bosch, and faucets from Moen and Kohler that provide just a few of the many conservation options homeowners ask us about. If you want to do some upgrading, call us and we'll go over options with you. Don't buy anything until you speak to us first.

Our Arvada Plumbers Can Walk You Through Your Options

Whether you need new fixtures or want to replace the old ones, Our Arvada Plumbing Company is the one you want to call. We'd be happy to show you our portfolio of previous work we've done, provide you some references, and sit down with you to answer any questions you might have about all these new options that weren't there the last time you looked into this. Don't worry. We have plenty of time. Ask away.